Ranger Fox – Exposing the Nuclear Age

Frenchman Flats – 1951

The following story is reprinted from the Los Alamos Monitor, June 11, 1993

“Exposing the Nuclear Age” a photo take by long-time photographer Dan Elliott, will be see by people from all over the world later this month.

The photo has been accepted into the General Collecton of the 102nd International Exposition of Professional Photography.

I think that Ellliott’s title “Exploring the Nuclear Age” is an apt one, and it reflects both the reality ad the myth about the testing of atomic bombs.

Elliott was a Los Alamos National Laboratory employee from 1949 to 1955, but he’s known in Los Alamos for the 30 years that he spent downtown as owner of Dan Elliott’s Photo Shop.

The photo is a triple exposure. Elliott first exposed for the initial blast, then for the cloud of dust rising. The third exposure was to capture the blue glow that lingered after the blast.

Elliott of Dan Elliott Enterprises said this photograph was published in U.S. News and World Report, and it hung in the White House that was occupied by President Harry Trumman.

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