Eulogy by Carol Wolk

Marcelle Elliott

I am Carol Elliott. I am one of Marcelle’s, five children.

A Tribute is often a list of awards, accomplishments and achievements of the one who has passed out of our lives.

Today we look at our mother, Marcelle, and honor her spirit by choosing to acknowledge the gifts that we, as your five children have had the fortune to experience over our lifetimes.

Mom, we are in such gratitude for:

Giving us your trust.

You gave us your trust to make our own decisions. You respected the decisions that we made. Whether it was to roam the canyons near our house, to each travel out-of-state to college or even when we would risk doing something quite crazy. There were few rules- but, “the look”, that kept us in line.

We thank you for:

Teaching us the love of traveling.

You have inspired us and pushed us to reach beyond our familiar backyard. You always found a way for us to travel. You and Dad seemed so unafraid of taking risks-like taking your RV over high mountain passes and even south of the border to Mexico. Your passion for exploring took you all over the world. You loved being able to go on safari in Africa, bird watch in Costa Rica and even being able to navigating the streets all over Europe. Sharing your adventures was the highlight of every gathering.

Thank you for:

Teaching us to be responsible and honest.

In your teachings, we learned to be independent And, we were expected to be responsible. Your honest reputation and ethics were such an example. Each of us had the opportunity to work at the Photo Shop, where we learned to make our own money and even how to save some it. Your business practices were well respected by the whole community. Going to catechism and mass were a must. Every Sunday we found a church, regardless of where we were-even if we were traveling or camping. It was critical to remember our chapel caps to be properly dressed.

And we thank you for:

Sharing your creativity

Each of us has taken your creative energy and interlaced it in our lives and careers. On a very tight budget, you were able to design and sew- clothes and outfits for each of us. Easter had us decked out from head to toe. Later, you made quilting an art form where you could express your love of color and designs. We each savor having one of your quilts at the end of our beds.

And finally, we thank you for:

Teaching us the true sense of family.

As our mother, you were devoted to making our house a home. Each gift and party given was special. And, you found such satisfaction and pride in watching each of us grow and change — as documented by thousands of family photos taken over the years. Your love and devotion to your life companion, Dan, taught us faithfulness and commitment in relationship.

So Mom, thank you. There is so much to appreciate. You had a full and active life-and as you said, with no regrets. We love you. We will truly miss you. And would you please give our love to Dad.

From your children:

Joanne, Barbara, Jeanne, Carol and Brian

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