Letter from Brian Elliott


I love you very much! I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all that you have done in my life that I might not have done before. Thank you for providing for me though out the years including sending me to college. Thank you for showing me how to work hard to earn a living. Thank you for teaching me your love and trade of photography. Thank you for putting up with me when I was difficult, angry and arrogant. Thank you for sacrificing for me; for coming driving down to Truth or Consequences when my Volkswagen broke down. For rescuing me financially when I ran out of money in school because I tried to rebuild my Volkswagen but ran out of money. For taking me on vacations to many of the National Parks and developing a love for the beauty of God’s creation. That you for the other vacations that we went on together like Boston and Europe. Thank you for being faithful to Mom and showing me how to love your wife. Thank you for being my friend in the latter years where we would work on projects together. I will cherish those times.

I would like to take this opportunity to share with you something that is on my heart though because it was on Roger’s heart because I think it is on God’s heart of love for you and Mom. It is to pray a prayer like Roger described to give your heart and life to Jesus Christ so that you will go to heaven. For me it was a simple prayer: “Jesus come into my heart; I receive you now. I want to go to heaven.” Why not do it now?

Dr. Dobson often talks to his kids about having a personal relationship with Christ and wanting to see them in heaven after he dies. He looks them straight in the eyes and says in a loud voice, “BE THERE!”. This means be there in heaven so that he can see them on the other side. I humbly say with all my heart and love for you and Mom, “BE THERE!” I would love to see you and Mom in heaven.

Roger talked about his incredible pain and how God is real in the midst of it. Your and my journey is different but shares a different pain. We both know the pain and terror of what anxiety attacks can bring. This has been a very difficult journey for me and very dark at times. Sometimes I felt like I was only holding on to a thread of hope. But that is when God has met me and been real to me. I think both Roger’s and my thoughts are that God can meet us in the midst of our incredible pain and give us comfort, encouragement and hope. I would pray for this now for you.

I love you Dad,

Your Son Brian

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